Banks Have Been Fined $321 Billion Since the Financial Crisis. Are You Doing Enough?

Our technology experts enable you to manage your regulatory risk

How Can We Help You?

We are a capital markets regtech consultancy. We develop solutions that enable our clients to comply with regulations and operate ethically using our expertise in technology, quantitative analysis, and data science. As a niche consultancy, we specialise in solving problems that require small teams of highly experienced, expert staff. 

Strategic Thinking

We advise our clients on strategies for regulation and ethics. The strategies we develop cover vision, business case, approach, budget, organisation, and culture.


Our IT architecture experts work with our customers to design target states for their systems, which we then turn into a progamme plan.

Programme Mangement

We help our clients turn their thoughts into actions. We work with them from planning and mobilisation right the way through to deployment and adoption.


Our software developers and quants build and integrate custom solutions for clients, utilising the latest technologies such as cloud, machine learning, and NoSQL.

Project Assurance

Need a second opinion on your IT deliveries? Using our QA framework, we can quickly ensure that your projects are on track, and if they aren't, advise you what action to take.


Many of our clients ask us to help address findings from internal or external audits. Because of our domain expertise and experience, we are able to work with client teams to accelerate their delivery.

Case Studies

Programme Initiation

Our client, a leading European bank, was unable to track and report on regulatory technology initiatives, and wanted a framework to address this and scale up the number of initiatives. 

They asked us to help them initiate their global regulatory technology programme. We put together a resourcing plan for the coming year, and worked with their technology department to secure budget. We then put in place a governance framework and mobilised 300 technnology staff.

Regulatory Rules Engine

A large French bank asked us to investigate how they could increase the agility of their regulatory systems. 

After completing an architecture review, we concluded that the biggest issue was that the logic for regulatory rules was implemented in many different systems across the bank. Our solution was to centralise the rules in a central place, the regulatory rules engine. We found a fintech who had a product that met the requirements we had identified, which we integrated into our client’s own systems.

Integration of Analytics

Our client, a leading Spanish bank, asked us how to integrate their in-house developed financial calculations library into a vendor trading platform.

Our quantitive analysts and IT architects designed a technical solution. We then went on to manage a technical upgrade of the vendor platform, and implement the solution that we had proposed.