About Us

Welcome To Regtechable

Our mission is to make financial scandals in capital markets a thing of the past. As a niche consultancy, we specialise in deploying small experienced teams of experts to tackle the most challenging regtech problems. We are often brought in by clients for project assurance or to rescue troubled projects.

What We Do

We are a capital markets regtech consulting company. We develop bespoke technology solutions that allow our clients to comply with financial regulations and give them the confidence that they are operating with integrity.

Our Mission

Our goal is to make financial scandals a thing of the past through the use of cutting-edge technologies to provide low touch solutions that allow our clients to ensure that they are conducing business ethically.

Our Values

We believe in the power of expertise. Our experienced consultants are all-rounders. Our consulting model is built around the deployment of small agile teams who work hand-in-hand with client staff.


Our History

Regtechable was set up by an IT director with a background in investment banking regulation and risk management software, and a senior quant with a background in capital markets pricing and risk modelling. They felt that many regulatory projects were failing due to inexperience, and that staff who were skilled in financial regulation, IT architecture, project management and software engineering were in short supply. This led them to set up their own consulting company, based around the observation that there are some problems that need experienced, specialist staff.

Our Approach


Our consultants are experts not only in interpreting financial regulations, but have the hands-on technical skills to develop and deliver bespoke solutions for clients. These skills include project management, business analysis, quantitative analysis, data science, technology architecture and software engineering.

Thoughtful Design

Whilst we use an agile delivery model, we understand how important it is to have a solid design for the solution. We develop the design during a pilot phase, which lets us then test and tweak that design.

Data Driven

We take a data-led approach to our projects. This means that we make our design decisions based on data, and we design the solution so that our clients can make their decision based on data.


We were agile practitioners back when it used to be called iterative delivery. We don’t just follow agile methodologies such as Scrum or XP, we make sure that we respect the principles underpinning these, allowing our clients to get real value from agile.

Small Teams

Our speciality is solving problems that require experienced, expert staff operating in small teams. Research has shown that experienced, productive software developers can be up to 100 times more effective.

Customer Focus

We depend on word-of-mouth recommendations for work, and therefore, having satisfied clients is of utmost importance to us. Our consultants are able to operate at all levels, from the C-suite through to front line staff such as developers.

Why Choose Us?

By deploying experts, we get things first time, saving our clients money and time in the long run. As a niche consultancy, we have low overheads, and we are able to pass those savings on to our clients.

We believe in getting things right first time. As regulators increasingly focus on data quality, taking shortcuts does not save in the long run. We use the latest software engineering tools and techniques to measure and demonstrate quality to ourselves, our clients, and regulators.


Because we work in small, truly agile teams, all of our consultants have to be experienced. For clients, this means faster deliveries, lower cost, and higher quality.

As a small, nimble organisation, we are able to leverage the latest technologies, such as cloud deployment, software containers, and machine learning.

We have all the skills necessary to deliver a solution. These include business, software, mathematical and project management skills. For our clients, this means they don’t need to worry about putting together their own teams and managing the delivery themselves.

Meet The Team

Soheel Haque-Everding


Soheel is an IT Director with over 20 years of experience in Investment Banking Technology. He has held senior IT roles at BNP Paribas, UBS, RBS and Merrill Lynch. The positions he has held include Global Head of Regulatory Technology, Regulatory IT Programme Director, Global Head of Cross-Asset Technology and Head of Fixed Income Data. Soheel holds an MEng in Engineering from the University of Cambridge. His areas of expertise are technology architecture and programme management. He is interested in getting business value out of cloud, data science and machine learning.

William Blamey


William has over 25 years of experience in Front Office Technology Delivery and Quantitative Model development, most notably as GFX CIO at BofA and Global CoHead of Front Office Risk Development at Merrill Lynch. He has more recently focusing on risk and regulatory delivery at BNP Paribas, Santander and RBS. After starting his career as an AI researcher at BP Oil, he worked as a front office desk quant at ML, JPM and a FX startup. William holds an MA in Maths from Oxford University, specialising in the theory of computing languages and theoretical physics. He also enjoys diving into huge datasets armed with graphs, excel and python.