Programme Initiation

Case Study

In this case study, we explain how we planned and initiated the global regulatory programme for our client, the Global Markets division of a leading European bank

The Problem

Our client, a large European bank, had a number of regulatory technology initiatives in-flight, but they were not tracked or managed centrally.

What We Did

First, we put in place a steering committee. Then, we collated all the in-flight and planned initiatives for the year, and designed an overall architecture. Next, we built a roadmap, and from this we created a budget and phased hiring plan for 300 staff across Europe and India.

Once the budget and headcount were approved, we put in place governance and mobilised staff.

The Result

Using this setup, our client successfully delivered all the regulatory initiatives that they needed to.

As a result of the governance process, our client was able to deal with unforeseen initiatives e.g. as a result of audit or remediation work.